Governing Documents

Title Type Author Date Size Tags
Recorded Certificate and Memorandum - Prestwyck 1st Amendment to Bylaws .pdf Prestwyck HOA January 12, 2021 216.02 KB Download
Design Guidelines Prestwyck .pdf Prestwyck HOA August 22, 2019 577.61 KB Download
Recorded 2nd Amendment Re Cluster Mailboxes .pdf Prestwyck HOA May 04, 2017 1.90 MB Download
Resolution Increasing CAP from $250 to $400.docx .pdf Prestwyck HOA April 24, 2017 148.45 KB Download
Recorded Bylaws from CCRs .pdf Prestwyck HOA October 20, 2016 660.01 KB Download
Declaration of CCRs with Amendment 02.29.16.compressed .pdf Prestwyck HOA February 29, 2016 1.96 MB Download
Prestwyck facts .pdf Prestwyck Homeowners Association June 21, 2014 239.79 KB Download
Prestwyck - CCRs - recorded 1-3-13 .pdf Prestwyck Homeowners Association June 17, 2014 2.22 MB Download

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